Community Projects

Cardigan Castle

The Unlocking the Potential Project in the Castle ran a number of public events, including festivals, talks and guided tours.  These involved members of the public, school groups, royalty and the Friends of Cardigan Castle.

Television and radio programmes also used the site both for programmes in their own right or as part of larger series.

The project also undertook a series of courses under the Learning Community Account.  Many of the events were run in both English and Welsh.

Cardigan Castle during Medieval Day 2007

Group being led around the castle on a talk about vegetation

Medieval Day 2007

Living with the River

The Teifi estuary is a very dynamic system with frequent changes to river channels and beach levels.  This impacts on the users of the river and threatens to cause damage to the sand dunes on the Poppit side or to the bar on the Gwbert side.  The Living with the River project is run with a number of different parties, each with different interests in the subject.  This has produced a range of studies on channel movement, tidal flows, current strengths and potential future changes.  The project is partly funded by the Countryside Commission for Wales, but is mainly resourced through the abilities of the local community.

Azerbaijan Outreach

During work on the BTC pipeline in Azerbaijan, the local communities were always very interested in the archaeological process.  At all the sites, close to modern settlements, it became a standard practise to open the site up to the local schools and others from the community to explain the process being followed and the results of the work.

During one of the talks, a woman was heard to say in the crowd  ‘he speaks very good Azeri for an Englishman!’  Rashid was talking at the time.

Safar Explaining Borsunlu Bronze Age Kurgan to a school party from the the local village

The teacher from Kazanbulaq school looking at a grave in Borsunlu kurgan